About us

The Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) was formed in August 2015 as a joint venture between IQE plc, the world leading supplier of advanced compound semiconductor wafer products, and Cardiff University, one of the Britain's leading research universities.

The video presentation below explains the role of the CSC as part of an overall strategy to build Europe's fifth semiconductor cluster for next generation technologies.

The CSC will build on research undertaken at Cardiff University's Institute for Compound Semiconductor to develop innovative new materials technologies that will enable a wide range of new and emerging applications.

The aim is to provide a complete capability value chain from high-end, World-class research and development through product and process innovation to high value, large-scale manufacturing.

The CSC provides an essential pillar to span the so-called "valley of death" on the Technology Readiness Leavel (TRL) scale.

CSC will be Europe's first prototyping facility allowing businesses and academics to demonstrate new technologies based on compound semiconductor materials that will be production ready - allowing rapid routes to market for entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

The Centre will also facilitate a wide range of training and skills development to support a growing infrastructure around compound semiconductor based technologies.

CSC is independently accredited to international standards for quality/environmental management. Please click on the link below to view copies of CSC's certificate(s).